Ceresco Nutrition

Our story

Our story is simple, it’s about not using bad stuff in feed, going natural and getting more. The dream began with Jean-Paul who lived in a small village in France. Worried about sustainability, Jean-Paul, dedicated his life to study water, oxygen and energy. After several years of research and collaboration with experts in quantum physics and the environment, his company developed a crystalline silicon dioxide treated by electromagnetic frequency able to stimulate all kinds of reactions. His very first application was to reduce ammonia emission coming from swine production.

His team went from farm to farm at the time teaching farmers and spraying pig pens with activated silicon dioxide mixed in water. It was not long before farmers noticed a significant reduction in bad odors, but they also started to notice something else, something unexpected. Producers told Jean-Paul that the pigs that received his product were healthier, they had a shinier coat and were bigger. Jean-Paul knew that his theory was becoming reality.